What People Say

Dear Anabela,
As I whispered in your ear on the last evening of the Bowles celebration in Lisbon, after your marvelous performance of Bowles songs: This experience was transformative for me. It was as though the work I've done on Bowles the past two decades finally caught up with me. I enjoyed seeing people I've known before, and making new friends from all corners of the world. The celebration showcased Bowles's multifaceted talent, with discussions of his literary and musical work, performances of his music, and films on his life and work. And the backdrop--Lisbon--was splendid. I fell a bit in love with the place and have become obsessed with Fernando Pessoa!
Thank you for orchestrating this fantastic event, and giving me a small part to play.

Allen Hibbard
Middle Tennessee State University, USA
Author of “Paul Bowles Magic and Morocco”, Studies in Short Fiction Series - Paul Bowles, etc

"Do You Bowles" was a fabulous and unique event, one that I believe would even have astounded Bowles, himself. The quality of scholarship was absolutely first rate, the creative performances of a rare and fine caliber, and the constant sharing of ideas among the participants, both inside and outside of the university, was truly wonderful.
I hope this was what you were looking for. It's certainly true! Again, thanks
so much for all your hard work in putting this all together.

Christopher Sawyer-Lauçanno

Kadir Has University, TR
Author of the first biography of PB “Invisible Spectator”

To celebrate Paul Bowles' 100 birthday, Anabela Duarte put together a stunning array of academics, filmmakers and musicians. The conference "Do You Bowles?" elicited interesting topics of Bowlesiana - conversations and discussions of Bowles and Modernism, Bowles viewed through Moroccan eyes, Bowles as composer.
Special highlights included the reconstruction of a thought-to-be-lost short film of an adaptation of the PB’ short story "You Are Not I" and excerpts from Karim Debbagh's documentary.

Perhaps one of the most meaningful and well-presented aspects of the event was the exhibition of Paul and Jane Bowles photographs, books, notebooks, scores, various personal items beautifully curated and presented by University of Delaware's Tim Murray and Francis Poole and coordinated by Anabela Duarte.
The 3 day event, which culminated in a wonderful concert including solo piano music, (António Rosado), a recreation of some of the Sheltering Sky soundtrack ( Richard Horowitz) and a song recital with Anabela Duarte, program organizer and myself, executor to the Bowles music estate, was a highpoint and a befitting finale to the celebration.

Irene Herrmann
Musical executor of Paul Bowles’ estate
University of California Santa Cruz, USA

Anabela: kudos and thanks for organizing such a brilliant festival/conference in Lisbon on Paul Bowles. And then singing so beautifully in front of us all to end the festival. I so enjoyed meeting you (and your colleagues and friends) and all the others you had gathered in Lisbon. Hoping to see you again soon. Many many thanks!

Brian T. Edwards
Northwestern University, USA
Author of “Morocco Bound”

Anabela Duarte and the University of Lisbon should be proud of hosting a fantastic Centenary celebration in honor of the American writer and composer, Paul Bowles. It was a thrill to be invited to work with the University of Lisbon Library in collaborating on the Paul Bowles Centenary Exhibition. The screening of Sara Driver's film, You Are Not I, at the Portuguese Cinematheque was another wonderful experience. The final night's musical performance was superb. Bravo!

Francis Poole
Head, Film and Video Collection
University of Delaware Library

Anabela Duarte and her colleagues at the University of Lisbon did a remarkable job with the “Do You Bowles Conference.” It had a diverse range of participants and events and was one of the best conferences I’ve attended. I’m particularly pleased that the University of Delaware was able to collaborate with our colleagues at the University of Lisbon. Kudos to all!

Tim Murray
Head, Special Collections
University of Delaware Library

Dear Anabela,
I've been meaning to write you and thank you for the incredible time at the conference. What an amazing group of people you and your small team put together! It was a wonderfully refreshing experience and so nice to be in the world of academics instead of the film festival world! Also enjoyed hearing their very unique and literary point of view on the film and the story. I had never heard many of their comments and insights into the film before.
It was great too to discuss their various experiences meeting and spending time with Paul. One of the academics came up to me at the end and said,"Usually these conferences are just a lot of dry boring papers. But at this conference we had papers, exhibition, films and music! It was great!"
You set up a tremendously nourishing environment.
Everyone felt very good and inspired at the end of the conference.
A very powerful force - the writing and music of Paul Bowles, joining a bunch of oddballs together in exotic Kafkaesque Lisbon.
Thank you for your vision and organization.
Also thank you for your voice!

Sara Driver,
Film Director and Producer, USA
Director of the rediscovered film You Are Not I, based on a Paul Bowles short-story

Dear Anabela,
Thank you for taking the initiative to create a centenniel celebration of Paul Bowles' art. As you know, Paul kept a respectful distance from academia. That said, he would have appreciated the care and critical expertise exhibited at the conference. As you know, during his life he vacillated between the worlds of the very well known and the willful outsider, a cult figure never quite knowing whether or not his work was praised for the right reasons. I believe he would have enjoyed the attention from this fine group of artists, writers, and scholars.
For my part, I am pleased to have been invited alongside my colleagues. The conference was a reunion with old friends as well as a meeting point for many I have known only through reputation and gossip. I especially appreciated the attention to Paul's craft in music, the glorious performances, and Lisbon as a Bowles location.

Regina Weinreich
School of Visual Arts in New York, USA
Director of the documentary “The Complete Outsider”

hi anabela sorry i missed you after the concert i had to meet with some friends who i invited who came to the show as they were driving me to tangier today. thanks for every thing it all ended up to be a deep and very touching experience. all these brilliant people dedicated to paul's work.
and you sounded just like 1945!

Richard Horowitz,
Composer, USA
Co-composer of the Sheltering Sky film music

DEAR Anabela Duarte and the University of Lisbon,
Thanks a lot for the very warm welcome and the very nice and interesting event “Do You Bowles?” you have created and which you have greatly organized and made it to a success. I must say that it was my first visit to Portugal and to Lisbon; the chance you gave me participating in this unforgettable event has left and will leave a great impact and a sweet memory to you all and to Lisbon.
I am very grateful

Karim Debbagh
Film producer, author of “Paul Bowles: Creating a Legend”

Dear Anabela,
I hope you've had chance to recover! Thank-you so very much for organizing such a great program of events, and for being so friendly, approachable, patient and helpful when I know you were having to work so hard to hold everything together. Please pass on my gratitude and best wishes to Herminia, Isabel, Maria and all the panel chairs whose emails I completely failed to get!

Ben Heal
University of Kent, UK

Dear Anabela,
I am happy I participated in such a successful event. My special thanks go to you, Anabela, for the tremendous effort that went into the conference to make it a real success. Many thanks are due to the whole organizing committee whose hard work, amiability and friendliness are noteworthy. The high quality of the conference derives from the excellent papers and discussions. This is a conference that brought together interesting scholars from the four continents, America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. All of them interested in Paul Bowles' work which leaves no single genre or form as a summation of his achievement. As a result, various aspects of Bowles' work were discussed: novels, short stories, auto/biography, photography, music and films. All this, along with the screening of Sara Driver's film, You Are Not I, at the Portuguese Cinematheque, the Friday night dinner and spectacular concert, make the conference in Lisbon a special event and offer friendships I will treasure after this conference has faded from memory. Thank you so much.

Bouchra Benlemlih
Ibnou Zohr University, Morocco

Dear Anabela,
First and foremost I wish to thank you for a wonderful conference and experience, the balance between music and text and person worked very well. You and all the organizers and assistants made this a very special experience. And to add to it all, Lisbon is such a wonderful city to be in.

Marjorie Kanter
Independent author and artist, ES

I should have been one of the first candidates. I sent the abstract to Anabela early in April. I wanted to participated in this PB’ conference desperately. And in fact,
I really enjoyed it very much. First I met an old friend of mine, Allen Hibbard and made friends with other participants, Richard Horovitz, Regina Weinreich from NY, Benjamine Heal from UK, Bouchra Benlemlih from Morocco,Greg Bevan from Japan, and many others. Secondly, I learned a lot multiple aspects of PB from Ashley Pribyl and other participants and guests of the field of musicology.
Thanks a lot to all professors and personnel from ULICES/CEAUL for your sacrificial efforts.

Meiji University, Japan

I very much enjoyed the conference, though I've never been to Portugal before and had faced a harrowing flight problem. There were only two events I went to aside from my panel: one, the movies on Friday evening, which I thought were remarkable and ambitiously poetic; two, the Saturday panel before mine, where Dr. Tharaud gave his presentation. I especially liked the panel after the films with Karim, Sara, Francis and Anabela: there is an enormous opportunity for writing about Morocco outside the interpretations of Paul alone, for example.

Raj Chandarlapaty
Florida Memorial University, USA

Being part of the Paul Bowles Centennial Conference has been a great and inspiring
experience, both academically and personally. I would like to thank the whole
Conference Committee for preparing an event that will remain imprinted in memory. The Conference has proved a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and thoughts on Paul Bowles and his life and oeuvre; moreover, it has brought close scholars, authors and artists whose lives have all been shaped, one way or another, by the Event’s eminent Patron. The fusion of personalities, interests and creative perspectives of the Participants has moulded a patchwork of approaches to Paul Bowles which – when blended and digested during the Conference’s intense days – produce a polyphony of voices that Bowles himself I dare say would be glad to hear.

Julia Szoltysek
University of Wroclaw, Poland

Dear Anabela,
The conference was wonderful. I thought the quality was consistently high, and in some instances -- Sawyer-Laucanno's presentation, and Horowitz's performance at the Oriental Museum -- spectacular. The Friday night dinner was also a high point, although it resulted in sparse attendance at my presentation the next morning! Part of the reason for the quality of the conference was that it was highly specialized, so that there were a lot of people with a good deal of knowledge about Bowles. As a result, not only were the papers good, but the discussions were excellent as well. I really appreciate all your hard work that went into the conference -- the results were impressive -- and you were talented and charming as well!

Barry Tharaud
University of Istanbul, TR
Editor of “Bowles, Beats, Tangier” (w/ Allen Hibbard & Amine Khalid)

This wonderful conference brought together scholars and artists, leading figures in Paul Bowles scholarship and enthusiasts of Bowles’ work. Attendees and speakers from near and far compared expertise and exchanged views, discussing vigorously all aspects pertaining to the Centennial and creating a general feeling of both continuity and renewal. The program was rich, varied and rewarding; the whole Conference Committee deserves the highest praise for all their efforts to make “Do You Bowles” a most satisfying event. The Conference, quite simply, was a resounding success.

Prof. Dr. Zbigniew Bialas,
University of Silesia, Poland

Dear Anabela,
First, let me say thank you for all of your hard work that made the conference a worthwhile experience for those of us who attended. Second, I must tell you that I enjoyed the concert very much and thought it was a terrific end to the weekend of sessions. Congratulations on the conference and the concert!

The Paul Bowles Centennial was a completely full conference of inspiring speakers and presentations. Highlights of the conference were talks by Allen Hibbard, Irene Herrmann, Brian T. Edwards, and Christopher Sawyer-Laucanno. The conference brought academics who had studied Bowles’s work together with friends of the writer who had great personal insight into the life and persona of the man. The film screenings were quite enlightening. The concert of music composed by Bowles was a delightful part of the whole. The participants at the conference were truly representative of the entire world so that it was an international experience. The Centennial greatly exceeded my expectations.
Thank you so much!

Carole C. Blankenship,
DMA,Assistant Professor of Music
Rhodes College
Memphis, Tennessee

My congratulations to the organizers of this Conference. I wish to highlight the variety
of activities, the high level of the participants in Plenary Sessions and Panels, and the
good organization. The music performances, the films at the Cinematheque, and the
exhibition were all wonderful. Finally, it was a pleasant surprise to witness Anabela’s
capacity as an organizer and her performance as a talented soprano. Thanks for the
excellent conference.
Carmelo Medina Casado.
University of Jaen
Malaga - ES

"Do You Bowles?" exceeded my considerable expectations. It was a very stimulating and demanding three days, but the high quality of the presentations and the multidisciplinary scope of the conference kept me from ducking out early (which is saying something, since this was my first trip to beautiful Lisbon). I feel part of a Bowles scholarship community like never before. I only wish I could be there for the Bicentennial.

Greg Bevan
Fukuoka University, Japan

Dear Anabela,
I would like to thank you again for the extraordinary Do you Bowles? conference. This really unique experience was the motivation for many new creative thoughts. All the interesting announcements, the friendly atmosphere, the beautiful city of Lisbon and the aura of Paul Bowles through the researches and studies of his followers were an exceptional and truly spiritual adventure. Congratulations for one more time and I hope that we will have the opportunity to meet again in the future!

Kostoula Kaloudi
University of Peloponnese-Greece

Dear Anabela -
Thanks for such an interesting, intellectual experience. I have been curious about Bowles's music and short fiction but never had the gumption to study them on my own, but after the conference I feel much better equipped. I also am glad to have had the opportunity to deliver my paper to such a scholarly group and also to hear scholars both new and established present their ideas on Bowles. With such a strong turnout, I wonder if the University would sponsor a conference every year or every two years? There is plenty of work to be done on this important author.

Chris Leslie
Polytechnic Institute of NYU

Que boas notícias, Anabela!
(…) fico muito contente pelo grande sucesso do colóquio, que é realmente merecedor de todos os excelentes elogios que lhe foram e continuam a ser dirigidos. MUITOS PARABÉNS!
A sua actuação no último dia no museu do oriente foi de facto uma grande revelação para todos os participantes tendo valorizado muitíssimo o evento. Além disso, adorei particularmente aquela "música das esferas" que recriou muito bem o cenário do filme tendo-nos transportado como por magia para o deserto do Saara. MUITO BOM!

Beijinhos de parabéns renovados,
M. Antónia Lima
Universidade de Évora

Cara Anabela Duarte,
Desde já agradeço o e-mail e aproveito para dizer que gostei muito do Colóquio porque me permitiu contactar com pessoas muito interessantes e ficar a conhecer a obra de Bowles em profundidade. O ambiente foi muito descontraído mas sério, do ponto de vista académico e o programa muito completo.

Nuno Marques
Universidade de Lisboa – FLUL

Cara Anabela:
Mais uma vez os meus parabéns pela organização do congresso que muito contribuiu para afirmar algumas perspectivas e abrir caminhos para outras leituras.

Fernando Gomes
Universidade de Évora

Dear Anabela,
Congratulations on running a wonderful conference and thanks for all the
work you and your colleagues put into the events! It was especially gratifying
to exchange insights with all the participants who were so knowledgeable about
Bowles and his work. The musical events illuminated a dimension of Bowles that many of us were unfamiliar with. And you even arranged to have wonderful weather!

David Espey
University of Pennsylvania, USA

I run out of words to express my satisfaction in having taken part of the Paul Bowles International Centennial Conference, held at the University of Lisbon/Portugal in October 2010. The opportunity of being together with some highly remarkable experts in Paul Bowles’ works was really what we could call a unique experience. The chance of sharing opinions and multiple points of view concerning his works was such a kind of treasuring event for someone who has been studying his literature. The fact of getting in touch with biographers, documentary makers, movie producers, musicians, researchers, and scholars from different parts of the world, from different cultural perspectives and purposes, provided a set of valuable sources that would be enough to fulfill at once all requirements for any kind of researching work concerned to Paul Bowles’ life and artistic production. I would like to congratulate especially Mrs. Anabela Duarte for her effectiveness and talent in making this event come true.

João Augusto Lira
UFPE – Pernambuco, BR

I have very fond memories of the conference; it was much more than a regular academic gathering, it was art at its best. The exhibition, the films, and especially the concerts dedicated to Paul Bowles's life and work made it a rare and unique experience, and Lisbon, this magical link between Europe and the Americas, Europe and the Orient, served as a perfect background. Thank you and your colleagues for organizing this event, Paul Bowles would surely be proud of you all. I am glad that some parts of the concert appeared on youtube and facebook (expecting more to come!), so we can enjoy your performances again, and they can reach a wider audience as well.

Wishing you all the best and a very happy Christmas season,
Krisztina Dankó
Debrecen College, HU